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Nothing To Hide Podcast 004:
Real Estate Lawyers. Who are those Superheroes and what they actually do with Monika Gradzki

Have you ever wondered why real estate lawyer is needed? What does he/she actually do, and what are their responsibilities? Atty Monika Gradzki explains why real estate lawyers are superheroes.

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Topics we talked about:

  • Difference between real estate lawyer and any other lawyer.
  • What do real estate lawyers actually do.
  • What are they responsible for.
  • When real estate lawyers come in in the process of buying/selling
  • What can clients do to make the life of a real estate attorney easier?
  • Biggest mistakes people do.
  • Closing process.
  • Who pays for a real estate lawyer.
  • Tips / advice

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Guest contact info:

Atty. Monika Gradzki – The Gradzki Law Firm
17 Lenox Place
New Britain, CT 06053